I love Intelymind Abacus Academy. My kids are learning well. They are doing better in Math at school.

Reshma and Rahul Kairam , parents of Rushil and Rishita Saikairam (Class -2 and 4)

“My son loves to do his abacus homework. He is doing math calculations very fast. He says he can move the abacus beads in his head. It’s really amazing!”

Priya Sharma , Parent of Paarth Sharma (2nd Class)

Thank you for making a positive difference in Kanisha's math results and her finally realizing that she can accomplish anything once she puts her mind to it.

Megha and Amit Soni, parents of Kashvi Soni (Class 2)

My daughter is now able to do calculations with ease in her head. She was using her fingers for simple math before. Her confidence in Maths has increased dramatically since starting Intelymind Abacus Program.”

Neha, parent of Kanisha Singhal (Class 2)

The Intelymind Abacus program has created a positive attitude towards mathematics in my son. He has been in the program for almost 2 and a half years and excelled in all the levels. The use of abacus gave him more confidence and added a tool to his mental ability in school math. Math has become a subject of no worry now.

Malvika Singh, parent of Arjun Vikram Singh (Grade 4)