About Us

We are a team of entrepreneurs who started this academy with a small group of students 5 years back. Ever since the inception, there has been no looking back. We are passionate about developing a life-long love of learning in children and look forward working in partnership with you. Our training programmes adapt to the individual needs of each child and map to the school curriculum. Scores of students have passed from our centre and are receiving accolade in respective fields.

Currently we have two centres operating in Sector-56 and Sector-45 of gurgaon, with many more coming up.

We love education and are passionate about what we do.

You can count on us !


To impart world class training to aspiring children, a training that enhances their mathematical skills to bring out their hidden potentials.

To partner with like minded people and create entrepreneurs for a shared dream, shared wealth and shared knowledge.

OUR MISSION Building Strong Math Skills, Confidence and Creating a Love for Math…

With our 100% focus and personal attention on each individual student we guarantee that every student fully understands the technique of using Abacus too and is extremely confident with mathematics.

Our goal at Intelymind Academy is for kids to take an interest in math, enjoy math and enjoy learning in all areas.


Our objectives are:

To build the mental ability to calculate fast and accurately without using any physical device, such as abacus, calculator etc.

To train and sharpen the child’s mental power especially the right brain.

To promote patience, efficiency and concentration.

To sharpen the child’s hearing power.

To increase child’s creativity.

To improve the child’s memory power.

To boost the child’s confidence in overcoming obstacle in their mental development.

To help the child overcome his/her phobia of numbers.