What is Abacus Training Program

Abacus education is not alien to India any more. Though it is being included in the school curriculum at a slower pace but millions of students are undergoing Abacus training at Abacus learning centers operating at almost every place in the country. Till date abacus education is complementing the formal education. There can be no denial of the fact that math proficiency gives students a competitive edge and prepares a student for tomorrow’s highly competitive world. It has now been realized that Abacus use can build confidence, promote intuitive thinking, enhance problem solving capability, provide a sense of achievement, stimulate creativity and improve concentration and mental endurance.

In Abacus Education, Children learn to use the abacus, an ancient Chinese invention, to solve basic arithmetic sums with speed and accuracy. As the course advances, the abacus is taken away and the child is encouraged to picture the abacus mentally to come up with the answer. After sufficient training, the child becomes adept at moving the beads mentally. This simple but amazing teaching method with fantastic tools enable each child to learn the skills of solving mathematical calculations, observation power, sharpness of mind with analytical prowess and an excellent memory.

Program Details

Intelymind Abacus Program is a well structured Skill Development Program for children between 5 -13 years of age. This program equips the students with the knowledge and skills that are essential in building a strong foundation and positive attitude towards conceptual mathematics. Our program uses Abacus as a manipulative to develop the ability to perform simple to complicated arithmetic calculations mentally. It enhances the mental computation skills in children, so they do not need to use the calculators. Apart from teaching the mental math skills, this program works towards improving memory, concentration, attention span and focus.

Plus, our exciting classes and energetic instructors ensure that our students have fun as they learn !

Benefits of Intelymind Abacus Training

  • Increases confidence in Mathematics
  • Improves focus and concentration
  • Promotes positive attitude towards education
  • Enhances memory, greater attention span
  • Improves confidence to ask questions in class
  • Improves overall academic performance

Course Details

Our teaching methods are tailored to your child's age and grade.

There are 3 levels of entry depending on the child's age. Intelymind offers the following courses


In addition to learning mental math skills, the Intelymind Abacus Program provides essential problem solving and concentration skills to your child. The result is a confident child eager for challenges !


For ages 5-7 (Class U.KG – Class 1)
No. of Levels- 2
After completing level-2 child will be
upgraded to Intelykidz level-2 module


For ages 8-10 (Class 2 – Class 3)
No. of Levels- 6 (Basic Math – Addition,
sub, multiplication and division )
After completing level-5 child will be
upgraded to Intelykidz level-5 module


For ages 10-13 (Class 4 Onwards)
No. of Levels- 6 (Intermediate math Multiplication,
Division, 2 digit X 1 digit all the way upto 4
digits X 3 digits and beyond, Fractions)
+ Advance level (Percentage, Square root and Cube root)

Class Schedule

  •   Duration per level : 12 Weeks
  •   One session a week
  •   Every session is of 2 hours
  •   Students per class : Maximum 8
  •   Certificates are awarded on the successful completion of each level

The 2hrs Sessions

Energy booster (10-15 min) :This fun-filled starter session prepares and activates the child’s brain tissues and is a unique workout regime that oxygenates the blood and other organs, leaving them full of energy and ready for the challenges of learning. We also call this session LOL, laugh out loud.

Maths made easy (90 min) : The core of each program offered by the Academy which focuses on Abacus or the speed mathematics techniques, depending on the course to which the child has enrolled.

Weekly Challenges (15 min) : Hands on fun-filled activities from one of the following categories plus Spellathon the abilities of child in reading, writing, grammar and spelling. Each child is assessed periodically for their reading level and spelling age. The child look forward to these individual/group activities as it often is the most enjoyable session after the hard work.